I am sun-kissed and happy after a day at the seaside with the Ladies of the 43 – my ex-flatmates Gaby and Lucy.  Oh it was glorious!  I love those women.

I gave a talk to the lovely ladies of the Southend Women’s Institute last night and I was super nervous but it seemed to go very well.  All about film stars and their favourite recipes with some flim clips and some Janet Gaynor Ice Box Cookies to hand out.  I made half of her recipe, this resulted in about 80 cookies!  There were about 6 left at the end…

It was a really fun evening, lovely, lovely women who seemed genuinely interested in my talk and several came up to chat afterwards.  It was a beautiful balmy evening in Southend and I loved the fact that the window of the lovely ballroom of the Royal Hotel was wide open and when I stopped talking to show my clips I could see and hear the funfair rides below.

Southend, my spiritual home.  It crossed my mind several times how nice it would be to live out on the coast but could I handle the commute?  What do you think Janet?

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