Jimmy Stewart
“It’s a strenuous job every day of your life
to live up to the way you look on the screen.”
I admit that this week I’ve let it all go a bit! It’s been sooooooo busy and stayed at Paulette’s last night and the night before. This resulted in my wearing the same rockabilly cardigan to work 3 days in a row – I wonder if anyone noticed?

Spring is most DEFINITELY in the air. Everyone is getting very frisky. Today a momentous thing happened for me, I saw someone I fancied. I thought that had stopped happening.?! Eureka, I had a nice little frisson with someone on the tube. 3 minutes of no strings attached microflirting. I shall try and get back in practice, it was most enjoyable.

And just now a phone call from Mr Mayfair saying that he’s moving back to the States and insists that he kisses me at least once before he goes. Ha ha! Sure, why not?! I told him to call me when he was in the mood for making out…

I’m considering having another go at Jean’s fudge. Ruth’s mom sent a very thorough email explaining why her recipe was not really for the beginner. I LOVE the mom testers because they really know what they are doing and they make me feel better about failing. I could NOT get Jean’s fudge to set when I tried it but felt better when Ruth’s mom emailed to say, “fudge is a little complicated; you can ruin it easily and Jean’s won’t help anyone succeed.” So, if we do include this recipe in the book we’ll include some of Ruth’s mom’s excellent guidance in how to actually get this to work.

I did a silly thing on the way home from work today. I left a folder that effectively contained the first third of the Silver Screen Suppers book AND the book proposal on the BUS. Oh my Lord. I guess three things could happen. 1) someone finds it and pinches the whole idea. (Ruth and I would probably have to hire a contract killer if this happened.) 2) a publisher who happens to live in Crouch End finds it and offers us an incredible deal. (This would be what happened in a movie of course.) 3) I will have to go to some Godforsaken bus garage somewhere in the arse end of Greater London to retrieve it.

I am predicting number 3.

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