jean harlow
“Underwear makes me uncomfortable and besides
my parts have to breathe.”

Isn’t this just the BEST picture of Jean ever? I think Ruthie and I should pose like this for our author photos, leaning on the heads of two polar bears facing each other.

I’m thrilled that the lovely Matthew over at has done a fab piece about my Silver Screen Suppers blog. You can see it here – I am bashful but chuffed! Welcome new readers!

I’ve been in Brighton today for Joan’s birthday. It was lovely except for the fact I seem to have developed an aversion to being touched by babies – and there were two there… Joan kept dandling one of them and propelling it towards me then away from me from me like Vic Reeves’ and his spirit level. I seemed to be the only non-broody woman in a coven of them.

Home to safety, Casualty and Jean’s Celery a la Shrimp. I’ve been craving it throughout my booze binge and tonight’s the night. I might just go the whole hog into spinsterdom, put on my kaftan and do as Jean does – go commando.

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