One night I said to Mr Rathbone over, and over and over again, “This is the funniest film I ever saw” about The Independent starring Jerry Stiller.

The next day I could remember nothing about it.  Zilch.  Nada.  So we resolved to watch it again on “Stiller Saturday”, to celebrate the completion of test cooking for the Murder, She Cooked book (little did I know then, that there was still one recipe to go!).

Still time to enter – skip over here!

For yes, my favourite comedian, from my favourite funny film (even though I couldn’t remember a single moment from it) is in an episode of Murder, She Wrote.

This, by the way, is from a series of fake “trading cards” featuring Murder, She Wrote co-stars which really made me chuckle.  You can find them here… JasonToon, I salute you.  I love that people spend their time on flights of fancy like this, but admit, I was somewhat crestfallen to discover something recently. My chum Kevin Geddes wrote the fabulous Keep Calm and Fanny On, a biography of Fanny Cradock.

let me know that this too is a fake.

I’ve been trying to find a copy of that for years!  I hereby salute you too, Andrew-Mark Thompson!

But back to Jerry Stiller.  Me and Mr R planned out a whole day of Stiller fabulousness. A morning session of the Murder, She Wrote featuring Jerry, with The Independent planned as our evening movie.

Mr R bought some episodes of Seinfeld (which he has tried to convince me to watch before) where Jerry plays Frank Constanza.

I laughed out loud only ONCE during the two Seinfelds (and I think it was when someone threw a tennis ball at Kramer) but probably about 90 times during The Independent.  So I can confirm, it is the funniest film I ever saw.  But caveat.  I was VERY drunk.

The chicken soup with kreplach was really time consuming but I was madly in love with my kreplach.

Neither myself nor Mr R had never heard the word kreplach before encountering Jerry’s recipe and Mr R called them many things throughout the day including kersplatch, kerfuffles, kreplani, kracklepp and kerfunkels.

This was labour-intensive but a lot of fun.  I was VERY proud of my kreplach even though they were a bit sturdy.

So here’s Jerry’s recipe.  It is lots of fun to make.

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