I absolutely LOVE internet cookalongs, and the first one I ever got wind of was over at Dinner is Served 1972.  At that point I wondered if I’d ever be invited to participate in one, like a schoolchild desperately hoping for an invite to the cool kid’s party.  But now I know that these things are open to all, you just have to get in amongst it!  Yinzerella from the aforementioned DOS1972 has organised a few of these brilliantly mad cookalongs, including the legendary Knoxapocalypse which involved bloggers all over the world making something involving a lot of gelatine.  I was tasked to make this:


There are no words that can explain the horror of Turkey in Aspic.  But I gave it a go in this blog post…

Erica over at Retro Recipe Attempts scored my choice for the Knoxapocalypse – the Bette Davis Gelatine Ring.  She was, as my friend Caroline Frick would put it, a GOOD SPORT for attempting this, you can read all about it here.

So it was with some trepidation that I attempted my challenge for this Pieathalon as it was (I think) the first time I’d grappled with gelatine since the Turkey in Aspic.

Mmmmm – gelatine on the go!

I surprised myself by making a pie that actually looked rather appealing…

(there is no Marmite in this pie, I just like BB’s mad oversized jar) I was amazed that the pie had actually SET – usually if I attempt this kind of pie,

it runs all over the plate…

So here is the conversation about the pie between myself and Battenburg Belle – always my partner in crime where a cookalong is concerned – as we tried the Rum Pie.  We were taking very small, tentative tiny spoonfuls to taste, as neither of us had encountered anything like this before.

Me: “Reminds me of rum and raisin ice-cream.”

BB: “I always hated that.”

More testing of dainty morsels of pie…

BB: “I won’t be asking you for the recipe.”

Me after taking another little taste: “It’s horrible really, isn’t it?”

BB: “Yes.”

So there you go!  Another challenge completed!

We discussed whether we should feel guilty about throwing this much pie away…

and I came up with an idea.

Me: “You know what we could do with it?”

BB: “What?”

Me: “Put it in someone’s face.”

Ha ha!  A quick Google around the subject of custard pie fights revealed that the first custard pie thrown on film was probably Mabel Normand chucking one at Fatty Arbuckle.  And whaddya know.  Last year for the Pieathalon, Cathy made Fatty Arbuckle’s Delight so we came full circle.  There is something very satisfying about that!

I’m looking forward to reading all the other Pieathalon reports, and wondering who might have got my selection – the Jimmy Cagney Apple Pie…  I will pop the links to all my fellow Piatheletes below as the blog posts go up…

My pie recipe was sent in by Dr Bobb – thanks Dr Bobb – it was an experience!  The recipe was in a book entitled Charleston Receipts, dated 1950. 

Get yourself a Sailor Jerry and work your way through my fellow Piath-letes’ brilliant posts…

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