I made a lovely pie to Jimmy’s recipe last night – but I forgot to put the cheese in!  What an airhead.  I think my brain is so full of plot twists, character traits and tricky dialogue at the moment as I grapple with NaNoWriMo – it’s affecting my cooking!  I’ve written 19,441 words in 4 days – I took time off work to get a kick start – the aim is to write 50,000.  Not sure where the other 30,559 words are going to come from but my characters are doing all kinds of things I wasn’t expecting so I daresay some kind of subplot will present itself soon.  My main protagonist slept with her ex-boyfriend’s brother yesterday – I didn’t see that coming!

My lovely neighbour Corinna invited me for dinner last night and she made a delicious Potato and Fish Chowder to a Vincent Price recipe.  It was divine!  I think it was the first time we’d had dinner together without any boys around to modify the conversation so we had a GREAT BIG GOSSIP!  Beer and wine were drunk and we probably made some ears burn.  We were laughing about a forthcoming blind date.  An ex of mine got wind of the fact that I am single again and he sent me a text to say he’s setting me up with a mate of his.  He has apparently told him that I am a “force of nature with a great body.” Aint that nice of him?!  Glad he’s still wearing the rose-tinted spectacles…

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