I’ll have to ask Rosalind what guns Jimmy is packing, she’ll know for sure.

The new recipe of the month is up and I’m going to try it on Friday.  The lovely Corinna is cooking me dinner as I’m embroiled in NaNoWriMo.   Corinna is the first of my volunteer Vincent Price recipe makers just to keep things going over at the Vincentennial Cookblog while I attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  I’ve done 12,338 words in 2 full days of writing.  It’s bonkers.

I love the internet.  Firstly I found out that the tradition of including cheese in an apple pie is a Yorkshire tradition.  Then, when I put something on Facebook about it my friend Ben (whose mum is from Yorkshire) told me that she used to say the following:

Apple pie without the cheese

is like the kiss without a squeeze

Happy baking xx

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