The lovely Arthur came for his birthday dinner and we had a Jimmy Stewart extravaganza.  Although the provenance of the chicken recipe is dubious the apple pie is definitely Jimmy’s own.  Shame I forgot the cheese in the pastry but it was still delicious (and I didn’t burn it  this time…)  The chicken was yummy too.  I’m not sure that I can EVER do anything with chicken livers without thinking of Vincent Price

We had fully intended watching two Jimmy Stewart movies but we got into a big gossipathon about our respective love lives and it was MOST revealing.  It was good to talk things through with someone who isn’t in a relationship like most of my chums.  Rather than advising caution, Arthur’s view on it all was, “if you are single, and they are single, and the wind is blowing in the right direction, just do it.”

However, as Horatio Nelson put it, “I cannot command winds and tides”, I’ll just have to stand in the eye of the tornado and see what happens.

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