Well it took me almost all day to make Jimmy’s pie but it was worth it.   Utterly delicious.  I managed to break one of my favourite plates, cover the kitchen in home made chicken stock and smash a pyrex dish (which I thought was impossible) in the process but the result was pretty spectacular. My guests especially liked the little blackbird pastry prop I put in the middle of the pie to keep the pastry “hat” erect and let the steam out.

See this blog post for the Chicken Pie recipe…

Charley and his flat mate Corinna were most appreciative of the pie, AND the Dorothy Lamour ice-cream (yum yum yum yum yum) and the last of the Ginger Rogers Coffee Parfait.  Charley was most vociferous about not putting the two deserts in the same bowl as he didn’t want the Parfait sullied by the ice-cream.  He’s VERY fond of Ginger’s dessert, that is for sure.  I am still partly amazed by the fact that all these 1930s ice-cream dishes require NO STIRRING – you just pop them in the fridge and they turn out like proper ice-cream should.  No stirring and no crystals.  Genius.

We discussed many things over the jigsaw.  What a shame it was that John and his girlfriend split up, as she and Charley were going to have a competition to see who could eat a whole chicken in the quickest time.  Whether we should start saving right now so that we could all live in the same retirement home.   Whether Charley should respond to a booty call from his vegan-ex.  How we were going to get hold of the episode of Columbo where he came to London to solve a crime for our New Year’s Eve extravaganza etc. etc. etc.

It was a most convivial Sunday evening of the type I like the best…

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