Joan Bennett
“If only Vivien Leigh had stayed in England,
that part would have been mine.”

Hmm. I presume Joan is talking about Vivien’s role in Gone With The Wind there. Intriguing. Can’t imagine Joan in that part.

Well, bouncing up and down to the Kaiser Chiefs on Friday seems to have dislodged the feeling sorry for myself molecules. I’m still planning to download Nick Cave singing, “Nobody’s Baby Now” just in case I need it though. I have reprogrammed my phone so that the screensaver has the floating message, “NOBODY CALLED!” which makes me laugh everytime I see it.

I am turning my energy to the writing and a strong streak of fiction scribbling has appeared out of nowhere. I guess all the energy I have been putting into men is being redirected. Good. A sea change.

Joan’s Salmon was kind of weird. I did a veggie version for Paulette which was probably nicer than the bacon infused version myself and Ivor waded through. The beetroot, goats cheese and lentil salad was much nicer.

I apologise for recent confusion between Warner Baxter and George Bancroft – the brain has been boy addled.

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