I nearly met Joan Collins last week!  I was at the most glamorous party I have ever been to, the British Film Institute’s LUMINOUS gala dinner at the Guildhall.  I spotted Geena Davis, Guy Richie, Steve Coogan, Terry Gilliam and Jonathan Ross.  There were loads of other megastars there too, but alas, despite my nosey-beaking around the place I didn’t spot Joan.  I saw the pics next day, she looked SPECTACULAR!


I know you lot, and you’ll be wanting to know what was served for dinner.  I have to admit that I do not know.  Alas, I was only “staff” and not a dinner guest.  I was spinning tunes on two gramophones as guests arrived during the cocktail hour.  None of my other Shellac Sisters were available that night so I was flying solo as Foxtrot Fanny…

Foxtrot Fanny of the Shellac Sisters

…before The Staves took the stage.  Here they are on the red carpet, looking super glam, but lucky me, I got to chat to them while they were doing their make-up in the Green Room.  They are very lovely ladies, and said that they enjoyed my tunes when I was sound checking.

The Staves

Wonder if The Staves got to meet Joan?  Anyhow, I was a bit overexcited by the whole thing, so when I got home I looked Joan up on the Silver Screen Suppers spreadsheet.  Then I rustled up her Red Bean Salad.  


Very simple, fry up some red onions in butter and when they are cool, mix them with cooked beans and sour cream.  Sounds weird, tastes good.  As Joan puts it, “This recipe is for people who give parties but don’t like to cook”.

When Joan’s sister Jackie released her own cookbook last year, she said that the only thing that Joan could really cook was spaghetti bolognese.  I might try and get in touch with Joan and see if she’d give me her recipe to share with y’all. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?  Much like Joan herself…

joan collins eating a banana


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