I’m holding my head a bit today Joan.  Terrifically hungover.  Last night was the annual and totally fabulous OSCARS party at Olivier and Nick’s house.  This year we were 12 and everyone looked very festive and posh in their bow ties, fancy frocks, top hats and face paint…

I made Joan’s Bisquick Cheese Straws (with my own home made bisquick of course!), her version of bacon wrapped chicken livers (Joan fries the bacon in BUTTER until it is half done before wrapping it round the livers and chucking them in the oven) and her crazy salami / mustard / cocktail onion concoctions.  Everyone scoffed the lot!

Olivier’s Duck Parmentier was just DIVINE.  I shall ask him for the recipe.  Now (thanks to the Daring Cooks) I know how to make duck confit I might attempt this sometime.  I had a good chat with Sharon about how she loves her tins of duck confit…

It was great to have a cuddle with Ava and we shared a bed.  Woke up quite early this morning and had a good girly chat about her current situation and our plans to TRY and income generate this year.  We are both broke and our creative energies have dissipated somewhat.  I advised lying fallow for a while.  To say that Ava has been through the wringer over the last couple of weeks would be an understatement.  I love her so much and am hoping she’ll be strong and mighty through this difficult time.  But she may need to just chill her paws for a while I think.

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