Every single man jack of you is invited to my Cooking With Joan Crawford book launch on Saturday.  As I can’t fit you all into my flat I’ve organised a virtual reality dinner party that everyone can participate in, wherever you are in the world.  I’ve been sending out invitations via my newsletter, Facebook page, twitter feed and good old email.  But if you haven’t received a personal invite – COME ANYWAY!  The more the merrier. 

Joan Crawford Party Invite

There are three Joan Crawford recipes for you to choose from and if you are looking in November 2014 they will be on the Recipe of the Month page so click on that link to find them.  If you visit that page some time in the future, who knows WHAT will be recipe of the month – exciting!

If you can’t cook / won’t cook there is always the special cocktail I have invented.  You can make these at home or, if out and about that night, why not confuse a bartender by asking him or her for a Joan Crawford Cosmo?


If he or she is nice, you can explain that it is just about a regular Cosmopolitan and ask them to “hold the lime”.  Maybe we’ll start a trend in bars around the world for a JCC?

I know of parties planned in Suffolk (my folks), Walthamstow (my lovely Shellac Sister Theo and her hubby have packed the kids off and are planning quite a night of it), Buenos Aires (yes, not joking), France (very close to the home of Roquefort cheese) and possibly New Zealand.  It’s a worldwide shindig folks.

I cannot WAIT for the photos my lovelies.  Have fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!

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