I finally got to see episode one of Feud: Bette and Joan and I LOVED IT.


So utterly brilliant! It’s got me wanting to cook like Joan again, so I’ve pulled out my copy of the Joan Crawford Cookbook (a book what I wrote) and am getting inspired…

Cooking With Joan Crawford

The book is available from www.blurb.com or www.blurb.co.uk – £25 in the UK, $35 in the US – I think the websites will recognise which country you are in, wherever you are in the world, and switch to your currency.  It’s a rather lovely coffee table type book, that contains over 30 of Joan’s very own recipes.  Illustrated with postcards of Joan from my collection.

Here’s a little trailer for the book…  Watch out, the music kicks in a few seconds after the video starts so don’t blow your stereo speakers by turning it up…

and there is more info about which recipes are included here….

My cyberchum Yinzerella over at Dinner Is Served 1972 is going to be cooking a Joan dish for every episode (she started with French Banana Salad, crazy woman):


and it got me to thinking.  Perhaps fans of Joan, or fans of Feud, would like a copy of the book.  So I’m offering a free copy, sent anywhere in the world, to one lucky reader of my blog or Yinzerella’s. Just leave either one of us a comment, telling us who – in your humble opinion – is best, Joan or Bette!  


We’ll draw a winner out of the hat for the hard copy of the book – and whoever makes me laugh the most, and whoever makes Yinzerella laugh the most, will each get a free e-book version of the book.  Don’t worry if you aren’t feeling funny – you’ll still go into the hat!

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Competition will run for the first 4 episodes of FUED – so just over 3 weeks, which should give the lucky winners time to get their copies of the book and cook a Joan Crawford dish to accompany one of the later episodes.  I think I am right in saying there are 8 episodes.  BLISS!  


If you can’t wait to see if you have won, skip over to Blurb and grab a copy of the book.  The print version took about 10 days to get to me when I put an order through, but if you want it STAT, there’s an e-book version too… Just click no the Related Editions button bottom right as per pic below…Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 07.43.00

Here are the links again: www.blurb.com or www.blurb.co.uk – pleases send me pix of any Joan dishes you cook, I would so love to see them!  Do get in touch via my contact page… I love hearing from readers of the blog…

If you want to know more about Joan Crawford, I highly recommend a website called The Best of Everything which is a huge Joan encyclopaedia – fascinating!

Competition rules: no rules really! Closing date for entries is 6th April.  I will put a link here to Yinzerella’s post about the competition when it is up.  You are allowed to enter once chez moi and once chez Yinzerella. WHO IS BEST?  Bette or Joan? Tell us your thoughts via a comment below…


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