I cannot believe that Feud: Bette and Joan is over already! That just flew past. I am a few episodes behind though.  I don’t have a TV, a friend at work grabs the episodes for me and puts them on a memory stick so that I can watch on my laptop in bed.



Chosen at random to win a print copy of my Cooking With Joan Crawford book from the comments was Amy Griffin – congratulations Amy, the book is on its way to you!


The cookbook is available to buy from BLURB – just click on this link to see the book page – I think if you are outside the UK it will convert price to your local currency…

From the comments on Dinner Is Served 1972, Yinzerella chose this one as her favourite so an e-book will be on the way to Liv soon.

liv says:
March 27, 2017 at 3:10 pm
yeah. bette wins.
fun fact: I watched mommy dearest when I was a bit too young and joan scares the hell out of me. borax and wire hangers are not allowed in my home because i’m afraid she’ll somehow find out and come after me. I feel similarly about faye dunaway.


Me too Liv!

My winner had to be Helen Coniam for her brilliant poem. I couldn’t believe she had penned this herself, but she did. It’s brilliant.


ODE TO BETTE DAVIS (And why she wins the battle with Joan Crawford)

With Duke Mantee she made us see a diner could be finer.
As Alan dies, her gorgeous eyes become the main headliner.

Jezebel was very swell, so Vivien can go to hell.
The red dress isn’t Scarlett but it serves her just as well.

There was no sin with Errol Flynn as Essex we can measure,
But Vincent Price was just as nice and might have Spanish treasure.

Tallulah wasn’t cooler when it came to Southern belles,
What really shocks in Little Foxes, is that her temper tells.

With two cigarettes, just for Our Betts, Paul Henreid loved her scars,
We know the tale, as Charlotte Vale she really ‘had the stars’.

Then came Eve, you can believe, with an adoring fan,
And even Marilyn can’t win though Monroe thinks she can.

Come if you would to Hollywood; a home for Baby Jane
Ms Crawford’s there to share the scare. Which one will leave it sane?

From Mildred to The Virgin Queen we loved to see her smile
Until that time in ’89 when Death wasn’t on the Nile.

So, with choices to make by one who bakes: what of Joan and all her cakes?
How do I choose: those baby blues or talent with a steak?

I have to say that come what may, I love the girl who knows
‘I am too much’ as she once said. My admiration grows…

Well, my admiration for my blog readers grows too – what a clever bunch – especially Helen aka Zelda Manners…

Enjoy Joan’s recipes my lovelies, and do let me know when you’ve cooked up one of them…


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