It’s out!  My book is unleashed upon the world and naturally I am over-excited. You can check it out here, and if you click on the big picture when you get there,  preview the first few pages.  Aint it cute?! I am inordinately proud of it.  I hope Joan would have been happy with it too.  I felt a bit like this when it was finally finished…

joan typewriter

The book is only available via Blurb – not via Amazon or in the shops.  Blurb is a “print on demand” publisher and a great way to get a book out, I highly recommend it.  Their books are lovely, glossy, and as my mum put it “classy”. 


 A couple of people have asked me what the difference is between the two available versions, personally I think the slip cover version (which is the cheaper one) is nicer – there’s some extra information about how Joan liked to entertain on the inside flaps of the slip cover too.  Unless you have some kind of weird phobia about slip covers?  In that case the image wrap version is the one for you!

I have a few thank-yous to make. My parents Dottie and Stan support everything I do and I love them very much.  Ditto Mr Rathbone who has put up with quite a lot of Joan related nonsense over the last few weeks such us this last night (report on Joan’s Buttered Bread recipe coming soon…)


Cathy Sloman over at Battenburg Belle has been my cooking rock for as long as I can remember.  She loves the recipes of Vincent Price as much as I do and now, I hope, is coming to love Joan’s too.

Lucy Smee of Holdfast Magazine and Michael MacMahon of Get Back to the Black were super kind and proofread my book. They had a lot of patience with my inability to put commas and semi-colons in the right place.  Goodness knows where I was when the grammar lessons were dished out at school. 

Kat O’Mara at AP Images helped me with getting my pictures of Joan into a usable form. I owe her some Vincent Price Shortbread…

Nathan Church of Church and Hinge gave some brilliant design advice which really helped to make the book look nice – within the limits of the Blurb template Nathan really helped give it some VERVE…

Charlie Day of Future Presentation looks after all my website niggles.  He’s very patient and very clear in explaining how to do stuff, which is great as I’m a dolt when it comes to technical things.

Thanks to all my real life friends who have heard me banging on about my book for weeks and thanks also to my cooking chums in cyberworld – especially those participating in THE JOAN CRAWFORD VIRTUAL REALITY DINNER PARTY.  It’s going on all over the world tonight including right here at Silver Screen Suppers Towers.  There will be photos, there will be hilarity, there will be a LOT of Danti-Chips… 


If you’d like to join us, please do! – recipes are over here if you are looking in November 2014.  For more info about the Cooking with Joan Crawford cookbook, there is a page dedicated to it on the website here…

Now I have to get out of bed and begin assembling Joan’s legendary Meat Loaf for my party tonight.  It will contain £17 worth of sirloin! 

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