Kicking off my reports on the wild parties that went on all around the world to launch my Cooking With Joan Crawford cookbook, here are some lovely pix featuring the Joan Crawford Cosmo – a cocktail invented by yours truly to get the parties going with a swing.

Before we begin, I take full responsibility for the fact that several party hosts and hostesses fully intended making a three course meal including Crepes Suzette BUT, after a few Cosmos this plan went right out of the window.

First, here are mine about to be quaffed at Silver Screen Suppers Towers in Muswell Hill, London N10:


Around the corner at Battenburg Belle‘s place, also Muswell Hill, she made a massive jug – glug glug!

cathy's cosmosOver in E17 my old stomping ground of Walthamstow my lovely Shellac Sister Theo kicked off her evening with some Ambrose and His Orchestra

joan crawford cosmo at theo and rob'sShe is such a doll !

theo with joan crawford cosmo

and out in West London two other dolls, my other Shellac Sisters Jane and Virginia got in the mood for going out dancing with their beaus Charlie and Trix with a Crawford Cosmo each…

shellac sisters cosmos

At another venue in London the lovely Liz Waldy was getting prepared with Joan looking on…

Liz Waldy

And moving west, in Newbury, Berkshire Davie McGirr of Seven Songs fame was assembling all the goodies for his cocktails, Danti-Chips and steak.  I’ve never seen meat paste and gherkins in a cocktail cabinet before, have you?!

mcgirr's cocktail cabinet

Even further west, some Cornwall Cosmos were ready to go…


Cheers my lovelies – Heather, Martha, Nathan and Dan…


Greg in Greece probably gets the award for classiest table settings…


Check out his amazing Joan themed serviette holders!


So all round it was Cosmos-a-go-go! 

Next up – Joan’s Danti-Chips take the UK, Greece, the USA and Australia by storm! 

Cheers my darlings, here I am having my first drink of the evening bolstered up by double shoulder pads Joan-style.




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