The Goulash has been in the slow cooker overnight and I’m about to construct a big batch of BISQUICK so that I can make some JC Cheese Straws as I have a BIG lunch party today.  It’s a bit of a welcome-back-the-newlyweds party for Grace and Douglas.  Wedding guests William, Cary, James and Daryl are coming too so we’ll be quite a merry throng.   I need to borrow a chair from somewhere…

It’s been quite a weekend on the man front.  After a year and a half of more or less tumbleweed in my lovelife it has all been shaking up since Friday.  First of all, a meeting with  the man who bust my brain up 3 years ago and I hadn’t seen since.  OK, so I know that you can’t step in the same river twice BUT, you can have a little paddle can’t you?

It was all quite surreal, just like stepping back in time where most things were exactly the same  but some things very different – piercings?!  Let’s just say a large fruit bowl got broken and I got on the bus very disheveled at about 9am next morning.

It was good to see him and luckily it hasn’t stirred up any old longings to get back together.  I think that one is done.  I must have reeked of booze and looked like a real slattern when I turned up at Audio Gold in Crouch End looking for a dansette.  The men in there are ASTOUNDING.  What a lovely bunch.  They made a big fuss of me when I told them about the Shellac Sisters and presented me with a great big pile of 78s to look through.  I DJd for them for an hour or so and they made me a frothy coffee with their gorgeous 1950s coffee machine.  And what’s more they put a whiskey in it!  When one took my number so he called call when my stylus comes in, one of the others asked if he could have it too.  Ha ha!  I not only left there with a lovely red dansette, I also left with a mighty spring in my step.

And last but not least, I met someone I really fancy at the singles night last night.  EUREKA.  For the first time since meeting Sidney at the Cafe de Paris two years or so ago.  Thank you, thank you, thank you whoever the patron saint of dating is, there may be some fun ahead.

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