This soup has been a long time coming.  Like a bit of homework I’ve been putting off for months and months and months, it’s the penultimate Joan dish from the book to be photographed.  So here it is, in all its splendour, Joan Crawford’s Almond Soup:


I did float some almonds on top, as Joan suggested, but they sank before I could take the picture…  The fiddled around with recipe for this, is in my Cooking With Joan Crawford book, but you can also find the original on the brilliant Best of Everything Joan Crawford website.

This means that the last Joan dish I have to blog about, is my great triumph, her Poached Salmon with Mayonnaise-Mustard Dressing.  Then I am DONE and for the first time in a looooooong time I will be up to date with my blog posts.  This is pretty momentous.  I almost feel like doing a Caker Cooking and saying “that’s all folks, Silver Screen Suppers is CLOSED”.  But of course I won’t.  Still thousands of recipes to try, the Vincent Price cookalong to organise, and the Columbo Cookbook to test cook for.  I might have a little rest though after the Poached Salmon, get myself a poodle and go pickle shopping…

joan shopping1

Thanks to Chris of Denver Library for this lovely picture of Joan, and for introducing me to this…

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