OOh I am TIRED.  I was out last night until 4 in the morning!  Anyone who is aware of my sleeping habits will know this is incredibly late for me – usually asleep by 10pm.  It’s my birthday week and I’ve been celebrating every single night.  On Tuesday I saw Mr Winklepickers and got about 3 hours sleep.   Last night I was dancing with Mr Hi-Fi in a louche nightclub saying to him as bold as brass, “I quite fancy you, are you spoken for?” And the night before I had my Scottish-ex over for dinner and made Joan’s Steak.  I think her Roquefort and Mustard Sauce had an aphrodisiac effect as there was much fun later.  The kind of birthday present money cannot buy…

He’s almost finished his training as a sports masseur and has offered to give me a special birthday massage sometime.  I’m going to have to tread very carefully though, and remember the mantra – no emotional involvement!

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