These are stupendous.  I defy anyone to make them and then resist eating at least 6 or 7 before guests arrive.  This is a photo reference for the Joan Crawford Cookbook when it comes out in November…  I’m working on it like a mad thing to get it ready on time.


I’m trying to get in touch with Frank DeCaro and Stephen Bledsoe to ask permission to include the recipes featured in the Dead Celebrity Cookbook and on The Best of Everything website respecively.  Do you know either of these fellows dear reader?  I’ve tried all email addresses I can muster up, with no luck…

I am thinking of calling the book “Cooking With Joan Crawford” as I don’t want to give the impression it’s a cookbook that Joan wrote herself.  Rather it is a collection of her recipes lovingly standardised and a celebration of Joan as a great cook as well as a great actress.

Invites to the Joan Crawford Virtual Reality Dinner Party will be going out soon – everyone is invited so drop me a line via the Contact page if you’d like to participate.


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