These were unanimously enjoyed at my Halloween party (although approached somewhat gingerly by a couple of guests).  Liver is a funny thing.  Here in the UK a lot of us associate it with school dinners.  A tough lump of stuff dipped in flour and incinerated by the dinner ladies…

dinner ladies1

But chicken livers are dainty and moist and iron-y.  Wrapped in bacon they are little tiny taste sensations and even the liver averse Mr Rathbone had 2.  I think I could have made twice the amount I did and they would all have been eaten.


They are simplicity itself but for the record here’s how I made them.  I used one little pot of liver from my lovely local butchers shop Morley Butchers – about 200g of liver I reckon.  I also bought 6 rashers of their streaky bacon, cut the rind off and cut each slice into three pieces.  Cut all the nice solid un-sinewy bits of liver into little lumps and wrapped each in a piece of bacon and secured with a toothpick.  Baked in a 200 degree C fan oven for about 20 minutes and served (as Joan would have liked it) very hot. I liked ’em! 


I’m not going to repeat Tony’s joke about the synagogue when these came out of the oven…  Tony was in a naughty mood…


as was Michelle – seen here sipping on Mr Rathbone’s new cocktail sensation “The Dr Phibes Cocktail” – I’ll get the recipe from him as this was a big hit.  Sailor Jerry rum, ginger beer and grenadine.  Delicious.


The Vincent Price Goulash was yummy as usual.  But if I do the potatoes separately again (rather than adding them to the goulash and cooking them in the soup) I’ll use less liquid.  Here’s the only decent pic I got, before adding stock..


A fine old time was had by all. IMG_0882

Favourite moments include Tony doing his Alvin Stardust impressions…


Michelle’s legendary Parkin with little pumpkins made from clementines…

IMG_0915Ringo biting the bat’s head off…


and japes with all the brilliant contents of Doctor Rathbone’s Unlucky Bags…


It was a rocking good Halloween.


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