When I told Mr R that Crepes Suzette were on the menu his response was: “I’m not sure if I eat that” but when asked if he knew what it was, he admitted that he wasn’t sure. I said, “you make pancakes, then pour brandy over them, then set fire to them.” I am getting used to him looking askance (which he did) and then he said, “burnt pancakes?” Well yes, I suppose so!


These were fun to make and very tasty (probably because in three attempts to get them to burst into flames I used quite a lot of Apricot Brandy).


Joan had recommended Bar-le-duc as the jam to spread on the pancakes. This is the most expensive jam in the world. I’m not sure how many Photoplay readers in 1935 would have had some of this in their cupboard…

bar le duc

But I did, because on a lovely day way back in 2o11, I sat with Lady Jane and several other epineuses picking all the pips out of hundreds of redcurrants with goose quills. Not joking…

goose-quills-225x300So we had some on our pancakes and they were really yummy.  This is one of the recipes selected for the Joan Crawford Virtual Reality Dinner Party on 8th November 2014. 

Joan Crawford Party Invite

I’ve been busy sending out invites today but this party is for EVERYONE, so if you would like to participate just email me via the Contact Me page and I’ll send over the recipes.

joan dancing

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