I was so excited to find the Holy Grail of Joanie’s Meatloaf recipe that I invited Charley over to partake. I knew he would appreciate her secret ingredient of hard boiled eggs. My new squeeze is anti eggs and when I told him that Charley LOVED hard boiled eggs he said, “well bully for Charley” which made me laugh.

Alas, when I went to the butcher and priced up the meatloaf I had to change my plan. I was making HALF the meatloaf Joan would have made and the sirloin and veal alone would have come to £30! Unlike Joan, I am not earning a gazillion pounds a week. Actually I am not earning any money at all and haven’t done for quite some time so had to change the plan. I bought 4 lamb chops instead which were quite, quite delicious. Viva the butcher. The meat is definitely more tasty.

I shall start a savings plan for the meatloaf.

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