I was aiming for this to be my last blog post of 2015, to neatly tie up all my Joan Crawford business, but there’s been so much FUN going on, I missed my self-imposed deadline.  No matter.   

Happy New Year Cheesecake

I was prouder of this dish, than anything else I’ve ever made for the Silver Screen Suppers project.  It was bloody brilliant.  Joan’s way of cooking the salmon in cheesecloth is genius.  It worked perfectly.  Here I am kissing the fish before cooking it, as is tradition.

Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon

I made this dish at Battenberg Belle’s place as she’s the only person I know who owns a fish kettle.  It’s a trout kettle rather than a salmon kettle though, so we had to chop off the salmon’s head and tail.  I freaked out a bit chopping off the head, and dropped it on the floor.  Quick as a flash, BB picked it up, gave it a rinse and popped it in her freezer for some future use.  I wonder if it still there…

Here’s the salmon, just about to be wrapped in swaddling clothes…

Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon

And here’s the nice warm bath…

Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon

Here’s a nun, guarding the mayonnaise-mustard dressing…

Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon

And here it is, cooked, in all its splendour, with eggs as per Joan’s serving suggestion…

Joan Crawford's Poached Salmon

The recipe is in my Joan Crawford Cookbook (with over 30 of Joan’s other favourites) but in case you don’t have a copy (you should, you know!) here’s a link to it too…

I’m very excited about 2016, are you?  Last year was my best year ever, without a doubt.  So many brilliant things happened, most of them Vincent Price related.  Can’t wait to see what this year will bring.  

Columbo Cookbook

My main creative project for 2016 will be the Columbo Cookbook, so there will be quite a few recipes from the Lieutenant’s co-stars cropping up here over the next few months.  I am also experimenting with recipes using my nephew’s beer and will be writing about those on a new blog – The Hammerton Beer Cookblog – so if you like beer, come and visit!


Wishing all my readers a truly wonderful and magical 2016 full of exciting, fun and creative times, and brilliant food and drink.

Joan Crawford Happy New Year



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