Charley was like a monkey at the zoo when he saw Joan’s Pork Chops come out of the oven!  I must admit they did look delicious all smothered with red onions and doused in 1/4 pound of butter.  They were really very good, top marks Joan.  Glad they were a success as they are the recipe of the month for September and those of you on the mailing list will be getting this direct to your inbox tomorrow.

I must give a mention to Corinna’s divine Apple Strudel which was a perfect dessert.  It was the first time she had made it and it was divine.  Lucky me, I have a whole chunk of it in my fridge that I’ll be tucking into later.

It’s Bank Holiday Monday here in the UK which is always a treat.  I’m going to lunch at Paulette’s and she has asked me to bring some “comedy canapes” so I’ll see what I can rustle up.  Apart from that I’ll be gathering up all my Joan recipes as I’m going to be putting something very special together for Christmas.  Yes, I know it is only August but you have to think ahead don’t you?!

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