Welcome to Joan Crawford month.  I’ve set myself the probably impossible task of testing all of her recipes except the Meat Loaf this month.  Still saving up for the legendary Meat Loaf – ingredients cost about £60!  Am planning to make it on my birthday in December.  I may run a competition for the chance to come round and help me eat it.  Serves TEN!!!

I have started – quite appropriately – with Salad Number One (so called because she had two salad recipes in the same cookbook in 1929).  It was YUMMY.  One of those classic combinations – pineapple and cottage cheese.  I always forget how much I like cottage cheese and now I have half a pot of it to play with.  Joan suggests serving her salad with Melba Toast – brings back memories of doing the Sylvia of Hollywood diet in Austin!  Did anyone hear the great documentary Karen Krizanovich did this week on R2?  It was so good.  When is the movie coming out?!

Anyhow, the salad was quite delicious and there is a picture on the flickr site – Joan’s Salad. Same for lunch tomorrow!

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