This is the second in my flurry of Joan Crawford recipe pics.  This salad isn’t as photogenic as the Nice Salad for a Squab Dinner but it was almost as tasty.  I’m a bit obsessed with mandarin segments after making the previous salad.  The tinned fruit section of the supermarket is one I have never visited before, but after tasting Joan’s salad using mandarin segments I’m kind of anxious that I don’t have a tin of them in my cupboard somewhere “just in case”.


Lettuce, cooked chicken, celery, tomatoes and french dressing.  Mmmmm.  I ate that whole plateful of food myself.  Is that greedy?  What a piglet. 

Talking of which, I have to dash as I am off to a wedding in the wilds of Essex.  We have been asked to bring an animal mask as there will be some kind of parade after the blessing.  I’ve gone for this one, what do you think?


I am planning to do a lot of dancing at this wedding.  Mind you, the groom is in a drum and bass band (I don’t really know what drum and bass is) so I’m not sure my Joan Crawford moves will be entirely appropriate…


The Joan Crawford Cookbook will be published on Saturday 8th November (see here for a sneaky peek).  I will be hosting a virtual reality cookalong, sending out recipes from the book to friends and fans of Joan all around the world.  If you’d like to participate please get in touch via the Contact Page or leave a comment below.  Absolutely everyone is invited!

Everyone who cooks a dish will be entered into a free draw to win a copy of the book and will be a Silver Screen Suppers friend for life!


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