“Bedroom problems?  There is absolutely nothing in my bedroom that bothers me!”

Me neither Doris, me neither!

Although I WOULD like to have a white telephone beside the bed.  Ignoring the fact that I don’t actually have a land line…

I am indulging myself on Valentine’s night with the biggest rib eye steak I could find (greedy), a decent bottle of red (a New Zealand Pinot Grigot) and Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson.  Blissssssssssssssssss.

Doris is utterly fabulous:

and Rock does make me laugh:

Doris plays all the lines brilliantly, including, in the taxi, when she has just met “Rex” talking to herself in her pretty little head: “What a MARVELOUS looking man, I wonder if he’s single?!”  And the aforementioned, “Bedroom problems?  Bedroom problems? Bedroom problems…….?”

I love everything about Doris’s spinster life and I am pretty sure that although there is a happy ending to this film she’ll never be as happy with Rock as she was before she met him, sitting at her breakfast bar in her turquoise mandarin pyjamas with her boozed up cleaner Thelma Ritter drinking tomato juice with Worcestershire sauce and Tabasco.

On my little tour of the internet I can only find lovely ladies writing lovely things about Pillow Talk and this makes my heart GLAD.

Ladies all alone on Valentine’s night with your wine, good food and classic movies I salute you!

My steak was squidgy and buttery and cheesy and mustardy.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Despite its deliciousness I could only eat half of it.  What shall I do with the rest I wonder?  Joan’s recipe of the month has caused more excitement amongst my newsletter subscribers than any other.  I’ve had reports of people rustling this up from as far afield as Cardiff to Buenos Aires.  I am NOT joking!  I shall be reporting on these versions in due course, but the general consensus seems to be, as Joan put it herself:

“This is delicious.”

Thanks to Paper Heart Girl for the screen grab of Doris at her breakfast bar and some other lovely bloggers for the others.  I must work out how to do these for myself at some point…

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