Ah, I am quite sad that this will be the last post about the lovely Joan party, it was so much FUN!  But all good things must come to an end and I have to send special BRAVOS to Dottie and Stan (my mum and dad) and Greg of Greece for attempting the Crepes Suzette.

Many dinner party participants (including myself) fully intended to make these, but the power of the Joan Crawford Cosmo Cocktails proved too much for them (see example here of my Shellac Sister Theo)

Theo Before...

Theo Before…

Theo After

Theo After

Ha ha, it was a bit like that at my place too!  So to (almost) end the festivities, here are photos of the Crepes Suzette made in Sudbury, Suffolk at my folks place…


and Greg’s.  FIRE FIRE!  I think this is pretty much the best photo of Crepes Suzette I have ever seen.  And they are Joan’s…


So, my Joan work is almost done.  I have to blog pictures of her Almond Soup and the gorgeous Poached Salmon with Mayonnaise-Mustard Dressing, these are coming soon…  The only thing that remains is to pick a name from the hat for the prize of a Cooking with Joan Crawford Cookbook.  In an hour or so I’m off to the seaside for the weekend with Mr R.  We will have a name picking ceremony by the sea later and I’ll let you know which lucky so-and-so wins the book!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the Joan Crawford Virtual Reality Dinner Party – I so loved hearing about your cooking adventures and seeing the photos.  Perhaps I’ll host another dinner party next year?  Joan would have LOVED it!


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