Tonight I went on the first blind date I have been on in approximately 4 years I reckon (I’m not counting the George Clooney lookalike as he was a friend of Ava’s and therefore had a personal recommendation).  Surprisingly, it was a highly enjoyable experience.  I really liked the guy, he was good looking, lovely smile, good company but alas, no real spark for me.  So now I am faced with the horrible task of sending him an email saying, “good but no cigar.”  Hmm.  I’d better do it quick as he seemed keen on seeing me again.  I’ve got another one to meet tomorrow.  These two were my only bites from a month on Guardian Soulmates (or Guardian Bangmates as Jim insists on calling it).  £30 for two dates, not really value for money methinks.  I’ve cancelled my subscription.

It was only a couple of drinks as my date was going to a gig at the Brixton Academy which gave me time to come home and try Joan’s Spinach Salad.  YUM!  Mind  you, anything swimming in bacon fat and vinegar would be yummy in my book.  I will have to test it again though as I wasn’t being specific about quantities.  Am very pleased though that I have some crispy bacon bits left over which I may sprinkle over my peanut butter on toast for breakfast tomorrow as Joan no doubt would…  Um, do you think there is a possibility that this project might be piling some pounds on?!

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