Hmm.  This was tasty.  I had it with a Vincent Price burger that I retrieved from the back of the freezer.  It had Roquefort cheese inside.  Mmmm… Here’s Joan’s simple but effective recipe:

“Wilted Spinach Salad: I pour hot bacon grease and vinegar over the spinach leaves until they sag, and then sprinkle crisp bacon on top. You can do this with lettuce or dandelion greens, too.”

Today my plan was to do some deep thinking about what to do next with my writing.  As if by magic – just like last time with The Completion Club – I happened upon a new writing course that is being run by my cyber chum Lisa Clark.  I am really thinking about whether I can afford it.  It would be quite an investment, it’s an intensive 6 month course, and I know Lisa is the person who will kick my ass and make me get on with it, but where will I find the money?

Can I magic it up somehow?  But cutting down my bar bill maybe?  Not buying any clothes for 6 months?  Being more consistent with my ebay sales?  I’m going to think about it seriously.  It might be just what I need to kick start my creativity again.  I have to do something, I have lost my writing mojo.  Help me Joan!

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