I’m in a drunken stupour at 8pm listening to Blur’s “Girls and Boys” on the radio and feeling a special relationship to the bassline just because I sat next to Alex James on Market Kitchen and absorbed some of his aura.  Oh how lovely.  Maybe this is what the fans of the stars of the golden era experienced.  Getting close to your idols is a weird and meaningful thing.  It’s personal, it causes vibrations in the ether you can’t control and it turns your head around.

OK, time to sober up.  It’s a weird feeling.  Bank Holiday Monday and a FEAST of large proportions at Paulette & Ivor’s of the kind you usually only have on a Saturday night.  After which you roll home to bed and then wake up to a hangover.  Instead, after many glasses of champagne, red wine and more champagne, comedy canapes (courtesy of William and Joan – both very nice), slow cooked wine infused beef daube (swoon), duck’s egg custard tart (yum yum) with spiced ice-cream (triple yum), coffee and chocolate – I got home in sunlight.  This seemed weird.

So now I’m trying to negotiate the last few hours of my long weekend, getting back to my “list of things to do” as my internet provider has decided that my dating site is an “adult” site and therefore I can’t look at it.  Nice to think that some computer generated programme somewhere out there thinks I am under 18…  Mind you, I looked up Vastrouskis too and the closest result was “Curd Pie (Vatrushka)” which the powers that be also decided was a link to an adult site so who knows?

How I wish I had one of the William Powell / Myrna Loy films on DVD to watch.  Wouldn’t that be perfect?

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