WELCOME to those who have passed a milestone in the Everwalk Walk Up An Appetite Challenge.  Here’s a blogpost from 2017 that includes a fabulous recipe from the kitchen of Jose Ferrer. If you are a fan of classic Hollywood movie stars, do sign up to my newsletter or leave a comment below and I will add you in. There will be news about forthcoming books including one I am working on with Peter Fuller of the Vincent Price Legacy UK.  

The key to this recipe is seasoning I think.  Plus giving your potatoes plenty of time to fry to get them all crispy and tasty.  I think I could have given these a bit longer…


This is a very simple, but a fun way of using up leftover potatoes for breakfast or brunch I reckon.  Luckily for me, I had some of Pearl Bailey’s “Jean’s Beans” in the freezer and this was a really tasty combo.


Yum, yum. José is in an episode of Columbo, and this is the only recipe I have for him, so it’ll be going in the book.


Here it is if you fancy trying it, let me know how it turns out…  The only thing I would add to this recipe would be to suggest that you butter the dish you are making these in.  Ooh, and maybe grate some cheese on top….  Gosh, it’s making me hungry just thinking about it…

I baked mine a bit longer than José suggests, until the eggs were set…