I had a nice surprise last week when I found out my lovely blogger chum and food illustrator extraordinaire Miriam Figueras has been making YouTube videos about her love of silent movies. I find her voice lovely and soothing and I love this one about life lessons she has learned from classic films. Check it out!

The lesson that rang most true for me is the one Miriam learned from Born Yesterday.

“Knowledge Should Be Expansive” There is room for all sorts of things in you. The idea of learning is to be bigger, not smaller.

YES MIRIAM! So true! “Think about what YOU love” rang bells with me. During this time I am going to focus on the things I love. Movie stars, cooking, researching, writing, knitting…

Watching Miriam’s video triggered a juggernaught train of thought. I’ve never seen Born Yesterday so I hereby pledge to watch it.

This is quite possible, I will report back.

My train of thought then continued with the usual category of question when thinking about movie stars. What recipes do I have for Judy Holliday?

Checks movie star recipe books…

Answer, just one. This one.

For something so simple, these were surprisingly delicious. We need simple surprises in these strange times methinks.

Miriam is a fabulous food illustrator and I also find her time lapse illustration videos very soothing to watch. Here’s one to wish you all LOVE and much creativity in these strange and troubling times…

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