I’m really trying to stick to my testing schedule so this morning I got up at 6 to make some of Katharine’s legendary Brownies.   There is much discussion about this recipe on the internet but as far as I can ascertain it was first published in an article written by esteemed journalist Liz Smith.   My co-writer has secured a copy of this article and am dying for it to arrive because I want to check if it has salt in it (some versions online do – some don’t).  In Liz Smith’s wonderful gathering of food related writing “Dishing” it does, but as a feret-like archivist I want to see the original evidence for myself.  The saltless ones I made were, without a doubt, delicious.  I have eaten about 20 of them today.  Greedy guts.  Raphael at work loved them.  As he is King of the Brownie I took it as a massive compliment.  He is French and sent me an email that simply said, “How do you spell gooy?”  I knew exactly what he meant.  He then graciously proclaimed we were “ex aequo” brownie makers.

This has been a momentous week.  The Vincent and Mary Price “Treasury of Great Recipes” arrived in an enormous box inside an enormous white sack.  The neck of the sack was closed with big fat string that had old fashioned massive parcel labels attached to it.  Manna from the Gods!  It is without a doubt now the most precious thing I own.  What a beautiful, weird and funny book it is.  A lot will be cooked and written about from this collection over at the Vincentennial Cookblog – mere words cannot express the sheer splendour and magnificence of this cookbook.  I hate to make this joke, but will have to.  It is Price-less.

I bumped into Corinna on the way to work the other day and she asked me about my love life.  I said that nothing much was going on.  She said, in a very wise way, “Well, your mind is on Vincent”, and that is absolutely true!

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