I made a batch of these to take on a camping trip but they were rubbish.  It was my fault entirely as being someone who hates to waste food, I deviated from the recipe and recycled some melted chocolate truffles instead of using plain dark chocolate.  Cathy bought me some very posh truffles from Waitrose and look what happened to them in the steamy heat of a summer’s day.

I guess the truffles had extra sugar in them, and that made the brownies super sweet and a bit grainy.  They looked good though!

Katharine would not have been happy about my adaptation, she was very particular about her recipe.  You can find it all around the internet in various incarnations but this one looks fairly true to the original if you fancy having a go.  I’ll make another batch and not muck around with the recipe next time.

Camping was bloody brilliant.  Mr R is not fond of sleeping under canvas but when we found out there was an option of rocking up on the train without sleeping bags and having a proper bed in a gypsy caravan we were up for it.  The bed was short and Mr R is tall but we managed fine.

Here I am with a Katharine Hepburn Brownie in hand in my specially bought item of camping clothing.  Wellingtons and sweat pants?  Pah!  I’m sure Katharine would agree.

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