katharine hepburn
“If you always do what interests you,
at least one person is pleased.
Cheer up then Katharine, you look like you are in a right old strop! Oh alright then, please yourself….

Gadzooks, just when I think I can drop Katharine’s recipe from the book I get a report from a test cook saying she loved it. Some of you may know that the eggplant / aubergine gives me the fear so I’ve been putting off trying this one myself. But now it looks like I’ll have to do it – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrg!

Trusty test cook Nazimova tried it out for a veggie friend who came to dinner and this is, of course a very good reason for including it in the book. We are short on main course recipes for those who don’t eat meat. Maybe I’ll take Naz’s tip about using small young aubergines as she says, “they are much quicker to fry and don’t turn to rubber but melt away”. Hmm. The vegetarian friend, “thought it was brilliant!” and Naz says, “This will probably be my dish for the summer, like it that much”. What a bunch of crazed aubergine fanciers they all are!

I’m looking after Shirley this evening while Paulette goes for cocktails. It amused me greatly this morning when I popped round to test my door keys to see that on Paulette’s shopping list it said, “Beer for Jenny”. She knows me SO WELL!

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