Do you ever enter competitions?  My mum went through a phase of entering every competition going, often asking us kids to help with the tie-breakers.  Usually something along the lines of “Mr Kipling’s Cakes are…..” fill in the blanks…  I have a lovely coffee service that my mum won from Maxwell House in the 1970s…  


I’ve been having some success with competitions lately.  I’ve won a few things, not the lottery unfortunately.  But I did win some fabulous Polka Pants!


Those readers who are foodies and live in the UK will no doubt be avid readers of the Guardian Cook supplement which comes out every Saturday.  It’s brilliant.  

Cook promo

Well a couple of months ago I spotted a tiny mention of a competition to win some Polka Pants, which are, and I quote: “tailored chef trousers for women designed for service and style”.  A tweet was all that was required and here’s what I sent:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 06.28.59

and I won a pair!  Huzzah!  So I promised to take a photo of me posing in them, pretending to be Katherine Hepburn, so here I am with a batch of brownies made to her recipe.

Polka Pants and Katherine Hepburn Brownies

Much has been written online about Katherine’s recipe for brownies.  It is probably the most shared movie star recipe of all.  But I have to admit that I have not had great success with them.  This time I think the problem was my pan.  Too big and thus, my brownies were very thin.  BUT, I think I looked very chic when I was making them as I was wearing my POLKA PANTS. 


Here’s a link to Bee Wilson’s lovely article about Katharine’s Brownies – the recipe is almost at the very bottom of the article.

Thanks for your recipe Katharine, and thanks for the Polka Pants Maxine!


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