Ah, Pieathalon!  The only time of year I write about a recipe that isn’t movie star-related.  How can I make this relevant to my readers who come here for movie star fodder I wonder?  I’ll think of something.  But first, do you want to hear what happens when you mix together bitter chocolate and mayonnaise?

Then read on!

Once a year Yinzerella at the fantabulous Dinner is Served 1972 website offers food bloggers of many stripes the chance to send in a fairly random pie recipe and get one in return. I put an Ann Landers recipe for a “Save Your Marriage Meat Pie” in the hat, so am excited to see how that turned out!

I was sent a Suprise Fudge Pie recipe

from a kid’s cookbook, which is just about my level when it comes to baking.

So the first step was to mix mayonnaise and chocolate, WHAT?  Oh, the horror.

I imagined all kinds of madness but you know what?  It was absolutely fine.

And it was lovely to get my good old double boiler out of the cupboard for this task.

I was surprised at how cakey this pie turned out. To my British mind, a pie involves pastry so this is not like any kind of pie I’ve ever had!

Although the cake LOOKED cooked, it was super fudgy in the middle but then, if I was a kid, I would like a very fudgy fudge pie.  Maybe that is the SURPRISE of the pie title?

Or maybe the surprise is that there is no pastry?

But really the surprise was that this tasted pretty good!  If I hadn’t known what the weird ingredient was, I don’t think I would have guessed.  So thanks for this opportunity to make another crazy pie for Pieathalon, lovely Yinzerella.  My previous Pieathalon challenges were…

Party Pink Pie

Spaghetti Pie

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Creme de Cacao Pie

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and for the very first Pieathalon Mile High Lemon Chiffon Pie – we thought it should be renamed One Inch High Lemon Chiffon Pie.

I’ll be posting links to the other marvellous creations by this year’s Pieathletes as and when they come in so do come back for a merry tour of madness in pie form!

As the brilliant Greg puts it – ‘Everyone posts their pies on the same day…but due to time zones or people’s individual schedules, not all of them show up simultaneously.  If a link doesn’t work, check back later…they’ll all be up here eventually!’

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Oh, P.S. The only movie star connection I can think of to make with this Surprise Fudge Pie is to link to a blog post about the time in 2006 I made a Kay Johnson Chocolate Pie and it was a non-setting disaster.  I actually remember that day well.  I was UTTERLY MISERABLE!

If you ever get the chance to see Kay Johnson in Madam Satan (1930) DO IT – it’s absolutely bonkers.

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