It’s Vincent Price’s birthday today.

Let’s celebrate with a round up of some of the dishes cooked for the forthcoming Vincent Price cookbook by our wonderful volunteers.

My co-writer Peter has published a sneaky peek of the proposed book cover (revealing the NEW TITLE)

and some of the inside pages here – do check it out and sign up to the mailing list for news about the book launch.

Herby follows a round-up of some of the recipes tested for the book by our wonderful volunteers.  Please forgive me if you have tested something and you don’t see it here – there will be another post featuring tester pix soon.  There are so many of you fabulous people!

I can’t resist beginning with this magnificent rendition of Vincent Price’s Fish Fillets Noord Zee by Dylan and Arike.  This is followed by many fun and lovely photos of dishes cooked all around the world in celebration of Vincent’s wonderful cookbooks and the favourite recipes of many of his Co*Stars.

Justin and Anna Gayner made Diana Rigg’s Goulash.

Jodi Hausen made Vincent Price’s Pots de Creme Chocolat

Jodi also made Frank Lovejoy’s Soup

Richard J. Hand made Vincent Price’s Champagne Lemon Ice

plus Vincent’s Pommes de Terre Savoyarde and his Fillets of Lamb with Onion Sauce

Stephen O’Crowley made Ian Hunter’s Yorkshire Pudding

Harry Dobermann made Ian Ogilvy’s Turnip and Onion Soup.

Carole Ann Rice made Lana Turner’s Scampi

As did Vera Roth

Myriam Plante made John Carradine’s Washington Apple Pie

Vera Roth made Vincent Price’s Tagliatele Verdi Gratinate al Prosciutto – love this photobomb!

Michelle Garza made Vincent Price’s Chicken Sweet & Hot

Sophia Rawlinson made Nan Grey’s Shoestring Sweet Potatoes

Mark Brisenden made Vincent Price’s Carrot Soup

Kevin Geddes made Lillian Gish’s Gnocchi Verdi With Pesto Sauce

Elizabeth Prais made Tallulah Bankhead’s Southern Fried Chicken

Dawn Kurtagich made Jane Asher’s Red Pepper Soup

Erica Robert Pallo made Vincent Price’s Baked Ham in a Common Crust

Vera Roth made Vincent Price’s Steamed Apple Pudding

VT Dorchester made Lynn Bari’s Almond Tea Cake

Kimberley Giberson made Vincent Price’s Blueberry Muffins a la Posada

Karen Brenner made Vincent Price’s Scandinavian Soup

Kimberley Giberson made Charles Bronson’s Chicken Curry

Kelli Cline made Vincent Price’s Coq au Vin

Jaime Dempsey made Vincent Price’s Crostata Di Mele

Rosa Wang made Vincent Price’s Friday Chicken

Lauren Hansgen made Eva Gabor’s Eggs Gabor

Lauren made Vincent Price’s Green Beans too

and Vincent Price’s Saffron Rice…

Abigail Vint made Henry Fonda’s Swedish Meatballs

and last but not least, here’s Chris Hawton looking as pleased as punch with his rendition of Margaret Lindsay’s Asparagus Pie, Soufflé

Thank you all so much for testing recipes for us, getting your photos and feedback is one of my very favourite things!  More tester photos coming soon and don’t forget to sign up to hear about our book launch plans!

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