Whenever I make salsa I can’t help reminiscing about a gorgeous hunk of a man who made some for me one night wearing a very sexy blue and white striped T-shirt.  Ooh, he was a sight to see chopping those tomatoes.  Yum yum.

When I am on my deathbed I sincerely hope that one of the things I remember will be the sight of the same man making me breakfast on the houseboat one morning wearing nothing but the little pink apron Sanja bought me in Belgrade.  What a dreamboat.

Lana’s recipe is rather vague but I’ve made a note of quantities I used for mine in brackets.  You can add more or less of anything to taste really.  It was OK but nothing like the salsa made by my stripy shirted heartthrob.  He was a fan of a hefty handful of garlic in most things he cooked so maybe that is what was missing from Lana’s.

Lana Turner’s Simple and Easy Salsa

3 large tomatoes

3 small green chillis (I used about ½ tablespoon pickled chillis)

1 long spring onion (I used about ½ tablespoon)

1 small bunch of coriander (I used about a handful of leaves)

Place whole tomatoes in pot of boiling water. Turn off heat and let tomatoes sit in hot water for approximately 5 minutes. Remove, cool and peel.

Chop chillis very fine. You can remove the seeds or not, depending on how hot you like your salsa.

Finely chop only white part of spring onion. Finely chop coriander.

Cut up tomatoes and put all ingredients into bowl and mix together.

As Lana puts it “enjoy”.

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