What has happened to this year?  Are we in some kind of accelerated time warp machine?  Today I thought to myself, “I must check when the The Great Muppet Show Co-Star Caper is happening so I can write about Lauren Bacall’s spinach salad recipe” (as you do) and what do you know, it happened over 2 months ago.

So I’ve missed it, but I made the salad, so here you go!

Basically, give me any excuse to buy a new movie star related cookbook and I will be on it like a bonnet.  Hence as soon as I heard my chum Gill over at Realweegiemidgetreviews was doing a muppet related event, I got straight onto the internet to score myself this.

I do love a cookbook that is written AS IF it is by a fictional film or TV character.  I have yet to cook something from this…

but the Crossroads Cookbook (with recipes purportedly from the kitchens of the actual characters in the show) was a big hit round these parts.

In the Kitchen With Miss Piggy is very funny and what’s more, has loads of great stars in it, sharing their fave dishes.  Here’s one with a different cover…

There are a couple of folks NEW to the Silver Screen Suppers spreadsheet which is always an exciting prospect.  I didn’t have a Candice Bergen recipe until now, and I am very pleased to tick Harry Belafonte off the “most wanted” list.  His Corn Pudding looks GOOD!

But for now, here’s a very tasty spinach salad from “The Look” aka Betty Joan Perske.

Was Lauren Bacall actually ON The Muppet Show?  I don’t think so, but Miss Piggy has this to say, “My glamorous and dear, dear friend “Betty” and moi are renaissance women, gracing both state and screen.  Her Spinach and Sesame Salad is perfect for her svelte figure.  Of course, for more full-figured women, like moi, some fries and a burrito make it all happen.”

I am with you on that one Miss Piggy!

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