This is it! The last of the Columbo cookbook recipes is tested! Whoopee! Well, the last of the core batch of recipes anyhow. It’s a chicken pie landmark…


I’d been putting this one off as Laurence’s recipe is a bit odd. But it turned out to be really good.


Several things about this recipe kept it at arms length until now. The vagueness of Laurence’s method. The fact that gelatine was involved. Hard boiled eggs in a chicken pie? The large amount of mushrooms…


But it was very pretty when I was making it, and Mr R and I both enjoyed it on a rainy Sunday afternoon.


All my waxing lyrical in January, about how I have conquered my fear of the mushroom was for nought. Like a small child that doesn’t like broccolli, I pushed most of the mushrooms to the edge of the plate. It was the shitaake mushrooms that really freaked me out. Perhaps I should have cut them up smaller.


This picture gives me the heeby jeebies…

Mr R’s verdict? “Bacon, egg and mushroom. It’s breakfast inside a chicken pie!”

Now this one is done, the test cooking blackboard has been wiped clean!  What next?!


So now all the recipes have been test cooked at Silver Screen Suppers Towers, I’m looking for folks game to try them in their own kitchens.  I want to make absolutely sure the recipes all work and make sense for the forthcoming book.  If you would like to volunteer – just nip over here… and take your pick!

I’ll be sending out the recipes in the next few days but there is plenty of time to cook them, deadline isn’t until August 2017 because I know eveyone is busy, busy, busy!

Laurence’s recipe needs a LOT of work for the book, but if you’d like to try it, just email me via the contact page and I’ll send it over…



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