Liberace was born on this day one hundred years ago. Happy birthday Lee!

Recently I got an email from my chum, food writer Orlando Murrin, asking me if I’d ever seen The Loved One which features Liberace playing an undertaker.

Well yes, I had, but not for a donkey’s age so I skipped over to eBay and got myself a copy of it on DVD.

By coincidence, a few days later, my chum Heather emailed me to ask if I’d seen Liberace making lasagna on YouTube? Well no I hadn’t but what a JOY to behold!


The main reason Heather sent a link to this clip was that Lee uses a chopper. We have in-joke about the time I visited her when she lived in Italy and she bought a chopper at the market…

She LOVED that chopper…

I knew that Liberace’s birthday was on the horizon so what do you think I did? Got hold of his cookbook of course, and rustled up the lasagna in his honour.

The lasagna was utterly DELICIOUS! Sooooo tasty. But it’s not the same recipe as the one Lee demonstrated on his TV show. No macadamia nuts in this one baby!

The Loved One was utterly bonkers. What a crazy movie. But so good in so many ways. A real treat of an evening combined with the lasagna.

Liberace Cooks was ridiculously expensive, as was The Loved One DVD. Add in the lasagna ingredients and this dinner and a movie probably cost me about £60 – haha! Well, as my friend Sanja would say, who bloody cares? Let’s just live like we were Liberace!

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