Loretta Young
“I found out you can learn a lot about yourself as a person…
while you’re learning how to use fashion in your life.”
I too am learning how to use fashion in my life at the moment. I am ploughing through the mountain of clothes in my room trying to make some rational decisions.

Had a lovely night with Ginger, the newlyweds and Dick – who I am surprised to see doesn’t have a blogname yet. Surely he has been involved in a supper before now? I made Loretta’s salad again and the secret is obviously to chop all the non-leaf items quite small. Dick asked all and sundry if they were happy to eat a salad containing egg, onion, beetroot and gherkins and Ginger’s response was, “it’s heavy on the pickle, and that’s always good in my book.”

I am missing all the cowboys and my sister of the skillet like mad but the skies are sunny, the Rosé is flowing and all is well in the Stowe.

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