Well, it’s the recipe of the month and very lovely it is too.  Really reminds me of nut roasts I used to make when I was a vegetarian – way, way, way back in my student days.  I made a kind of Puttanesca sauce to go with it, as it definitely needs a sauce of some kind.  There is a photo here.  I made half the amount Loretta specified as it was only for me myself and I.  It’s pretty sturdy so I’d say even half the amount would serve 3.  Another tupperware required for my bulging fridge after my mum’s banquet last Sunday…

Had a great day today.  Took a day off work to spend with my Shellac Sisters but alas, due to all police leave being cancelled because of the craziness in London this week our trip to Portobello Market was also cancelled.  I decided to spend the day writing instead and I got loads done.  Most important rule I made myself today was to ignore the housework.  My flat is a MESS but I’ve turned a blind eye to it all.  It’s the only way to concentrate – NoHoNoAd (no housework, no admin).

Am excited about my weekend in Hastings with Ptolemy and Alastair.  I am going to pick Alastair’s brain about food photography.  He told me off about the massive “tidemark” in my photo of Vincent Price’s Mulligatawny over at the Vincentennial Cookblog.  Ha ha – who knew there was an actual term for such a food photography faux pas?!

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