“Most beautiful dumb girls think they are smart and get away with it, because other people, on the whole, aren’t much smarter.”

Louise had to be the smartest of them all I think. I am loving “Lulu in Hollywood”.

Thanks to Thomas Gladysz of the Louise Brooks Society I had a chance to make Louise’s Chicken Knickerbocker Supreme for Ginger and Grace this week. Published in an obscure and defunkt Hollywood newspaper I had despaired of ever getting hold of a copy but Thomas came to the rescue.

Eaten during our first “house meeting” it was a very tasty accompaniment to talk of bill splitting, cleaning rotas, communal food and general house tidyness. The evening soon evolved into a gossip fest instead of the matter in hand though and we sunk so much red wine I cannot remember the judgement of my flatmates on Louise’s dish. I will have to ask them for an appropriate quote…

Next morning as I flicked through a 1935 film star recipe book Grace saw a photograph of Gracie Allen and a discussion ensued about her sexuality. I am almost 100% certain that there were no other people in the whole of England sitting at their breakfast table discussing whether Gracie was more man than woman.

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