Did anyone get today’s Independent or Daily Telegraph?  FABULOUS picture of the Shellac Sisters at the Vintage at Goodwood Festival – but would you believe it, I was in the LOO so am not in the picture!  I don’t mind at all, I always look too goofy in photos and it was just gorgeous to be there and fabulous to get such a lovely picture in the papers.  Thank you Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway and your team for creating such a glorious thing!

Another thing that has made me exceedingly happy this week is more reports coming in from new test cooks.  Coming into the fold via the lovely movietone-news blog is C. Aubrey Smith who is going great guns on the testing.  I’ve had problems with the Tamale Pie myself so I laughed out loud when I read his feedback form.  Saying that he didn’t take a photo because it looked like a “dog’s dinner” made me guffaw!  So true.  I think part of the problem is that here in the UK we don’t really know what a Tamale Pie should look like…  Still, the missus (Mrs F. Binnie Barnes) asked for seconds but C. Aubrey clarified this by saying, “that may be because it took me so long to make and she was starved.”  Ha ha!  I’ve never met C. Aubrey or F. Binnie but I like to think of them sitting at a table covered with a chenille tablecloth drinking from crystal glasses and eating from a bone china 1930s dinner service!  Some nice suggestions were made for jazzing up the recipe so I may have another go at this one sometime soon.  María Guadalupe Vélez de Villalobos will get another crack of the whip.  La comida Mexicana es deliciosa!

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