When Delicious Magazine pops through my letterbox each month I almost tear it apart looking for the Kay & Fred’s Movie Night column.

First excitement is always, “What is the movie gonna be?” closely followed by “What’s the dish gonna be?” This month my mouth was watering at the prospect of Kashmiri lamb meatballs with prunes, and it was a film I’d never heard of, Today’s Special. Intriguing…

I knew the minute I clapped eyes on the photograph of the dish

that this would be right up Mr R’s street so we set a date in the diary to do things properly. Cook together and sit down and watch the movie together. Properly. Not blind drunk and falling asleep as we usually are when we watch a movie (mostly me doing the falling asleep I admit). Properly properly.

I knew that the lovely Madhur Jaffrey was in the movie,

and as with all Kay & Fred Movie Night extravaganzas I wanted to link a movie star recipe with theirs. I decided upon something simple that wouldn’t take us too long, Madhur’s recipe for Masoor Dal

Photo by The Happy Foodie

We accidentally hit upon the perfect way to cook something together. Rather than Mr. R acting as sous-chef with me barking orders at him, I prepared the meatballs

and he made the dal and rice. This worked perfectly, everything was ready at the same time and it was all UTTERLY DELICIOUS! Oooooh how lovely, with a bottle of Chilean Pinot Noir as recommended!

We settled down in front of the DVD projector and ate on our laps – it was a real Easter Bank Holiday Monday treat.

We both absolutely LOVED the movie. I want this guy in my life!

Thank you, Kay & Fred for this brilliant dinner and a movie combo. We can’t wait for the next one.

If you are in the UK, grab yourself a copy of April’s Delicious and get amongst it!

Now here’s Madhur Jaffrey as you have never probably seen her before. WARNING – this is not for you mum, nor for anyone who doesn’t like bad language. For everyone else, watch this, it’s brilliant!

I see that Madhur’s book Climbing the Mango Trees is on my Food Memoir Reading List. I’m gonna get me a copy of that STAT because I want to BE Madhur Jaffrey!

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